The Next CCRC Meeting:
Thursday, June 27th, 2024 6:00 PM pizza and politics
Executive Committee Meeting 7:00 PM

It will be held in the Industrial Park at
2342 Industrial Drive Suite C, Grayling, MI 49738

Our Restoring the Republic Fundraiser was a huge success with concerned citizens attending from precincts around the state!

Keynote speaker Professor David Clements encouraged all people to get involved in local discourse about our county government.

He also urged everyone to have courage to get knowledge of how our government works and have the courage to say something to those who hold offices when we know there is a problem.

He also strongly reinforced the great need to ensure we have election integrity or we will lose our country.

Eric Molitor, wrongly jailed and fully aquitted in the Whitmer kidnapping plot case, told his story.

He shared how he was set up, but he is looking forward and encouraged citizens to get involved in the government process and in any capacity they can offer to defend our country from destructive political practices.

Thank you Trucker Randy and 'Your Defending Fathers' for being an event sponsor and doing a great job managing the tech for the event and sharing your heart.

Trucker Randy's 'Your Defending Fathers' website
Trucker Randy's Broadcast WCHY.US online and radio 97.7 FM

Hello Patriots,

The Tactical Civics has been postponed. We will reschedule this important class and post the new day and time as soon as we can.

Stay Tuned

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