The Next CCRP Meeting Is Thursday, November 30th, 2023 at 6:00 PM

Pizza and Politics at 6:00 PM
Regular meeting at 7:00 PM.

It will be held at the Beaver Creek Township Hall
8888 S. Grayling Road, Grayling, MI 49738

Hello Patriots,

The November 30 Tactical Civics has been postponed because one of the hosts is ill. We will reschedule this important class and post the new day and time as soon as we can.

Stay Tuned

Crawford County Republican Party will be hosting a free Tactical Civics Class @ Beaver Creek Township Hall lead by Rick Salva and Larry Hull at a later date.

Please invite friends and RSVP so I can plan enough pizza and refreshments.

Tactical Civics is on the prowl and gaining momentum. Tactical Civics has an active and growing network in ALL 50 STATES!

It is the ONLY movement with an exact and precise STRATEGY OF ACTION for taking back our republic and returning power back to WE THE PEOPLE.

And, we have a strategy for actually putting some of the crooks behind bars to serve as an example and warning to others.

Go to and scroll down to the 11-minute video . . . WATCH IT!

Do it NOW! Your children and grandchildren will thank you.

Dan Bonamie - Chairman
Crawford County Republican Party

Crawford County Republican Party Membership Application 2023

2nd Amendment Call to Action (March 2023)

2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolution (March 2023)

All people are welcome to this group and are welcome to voice their concerns with respect to the US Constitution and the founding documents

CCRP Goals

  • Work for the election of Republican nominees
  • Encourage participation in the activities of the CCRP, local offices, congressional districts, and the State of Michigan
  • Insure all eligible Repulicans are encouraged to vote and provide information for supporting candidates and issues
  • Adopt bylaws by which the CCRP shall be governed

2022 Election Cycle

  • Candidates
  • Ballot Initiatives
  • Events
  • Committee endorsements are done after the primary

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Current Issues

  • Michigan Election Integrity
  • Michigan Economy
  • Party Politics

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